With ASD the paradigm has been set and all that is left is for consultants to help people understand the benefits of going solar and the value of choosing ASD as their solar providers.

Joey, or “Solar Joey” as he’s known to be called by others in the solar industry, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Joey witnessed many of his fellow graduates become involved in the oil and natural gas industry. “I did not want to go down that path. I wanted to make a difference with my talents.”

After moving to California and delving in the technical clothing and apparel industry, Joey started to educate himself on opportunities in the renewable energy sector. “I got into renewable energy as I felt this was my ability to give back and make a living while doing so.” Joey then decided to become a Solar Consultant to satisfy both his entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibilities.

After meeting with several leading solar companies in Southern California, Joey ultimately decided to partner with American Solar Direct to pursue his passion. “I was drawn to ASD based on three main variables: the comprehensive package that ASD was offering home owners, the financial stability of the company, and the growth opportunity.”

Joey’s passion for his work and the environment goes beyond financial and ethical benefits. “One of my goals is to give my kids the opportunity growing up that I had. By helping people move forward with solar, it will happen.”


“I set a very ambitious goal for myself — I planned on getting 5ookW of solar on homes in Orange County. I am happy to announce that I have surpassed this goal and still have a few months left to continue to increase my results.”


“Helping other people make a difference.”


“I am changing the course of energy here in America one house at a time. I am a huge proponent of leading by example; me showing people how they can do their part helps to create a sustainable future.”

Solar Joey


  • Green Building Professional
    (32 hours) Energy Efficiency Management, Inc
  • Title 24 California Energy Efficiency Standards
    (8 hours) Energy Efficiency Management, Inc
  • Building Performance
    (24 hours) Energy Efficiency Management, Inc
  • Building Analyst Professional
    (16 hours) Clean Edison
  • Envelope Professional
    (8 hours) Clean Edison
  • Water/Energy Auditor
    (24 hours) Green Plumber USA
  • Accredited Green Plumber
    (24 hours) Green Plumber USA
  • Lighting Retrofit Strategies & Project Management Techniques
    (8 hours) Southern California Edison CTAC
  • Sustainable Building Envelopes
    (8 hours) Southern California Edison CTAC
  • Fundamentals of Electricity and Energy Efficiency
    (8 hours) Southern California Edison CTAC
  • Energy Efficiency Survey
    (8 hours) Southern California Edison CTAC
  • Overcoming Objections to Energy Efficiency Investments
    (8 hours) Southern California Edison CTAC
  • Path to A Zero Net Energy Home
    Southern California Edison