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Solar Jobs Bay Area

Tired of the same old jobs? …fixed hours? …fixed income? …no room to grow? Maybe it’s time to check out residential solar sales?

  • Join a booming solar industry
  • Train to become a Solar Consultant
  • Offer a highly desired product
  • Enjoy unlimited earnings potential
  • Advance to one of many management opportunities

California leads the nation in solar capacity. Secure a brighter future for you and your family with… American Solar Direct is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation. We bring affordable, reliable and clean energy solutions to homeowners. In the past 2 years, American Solar Direct opened 5 regional offices, an operations center and 3 warehouses. Our solar consultant team has grown from two members to over 150. American Solar Direct is customer focused company and was rewarded Angie’s List super service award.

Job Responsibilities
Educate homeowners on the benefits of solar power. Describe the potential financial and environmental benefits. Sign up customers for an industry — leading fixed price lease program.

Unlimited Earnings Potential

  • 30 days hourly paid training
  • Onboarding bonuses
  • Weekly commission per kilowatt installed
  • Progress bonuses for the first 60 days
  • Monthly volume commission
  • Ongoing bonus programs

Annual Reward Trips

Every year ASD provides 1 to 2 reward trips for outstanding sales achievement to our sales team; Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta

Send me your resume today!
I joined American Solar Direct as a solar consultant in 2012. In 2013, I was recognized as the #1 Solar Consultant for American Solar Direct. Come interview with me. I will show you how I did it and how you can, too.

Sam Riad

Sam Riad
Manager, Regional Sales Development
408-385-2244 office

CA lawmakers passed four bills that strengthen the solar energy market

California’s legislative session ended last week with lawmakers passing a whopping four bills that expand and strengthen the state’s growing solar energy market. This sunny landslide wouldn’t have happened without thousands of solar supporters like you calling for action from Sacramento. Three cheers for the power of democracy to make good on California’s solar promise!

Solar Program SB 43

All four bills now await the Governor’s signature to become law. Read on for more details:

AB 327 (Perea) is a net metering and rate reform bill that clears the way for hundreds of thousands of homes, schools and businesses to go solar and lower their electricity bills. AB 327 ensures that one of California’s most important solar consumer rights, net metering, will stay in place until at least 2016 instead of being suspended as soon as next year. It also gives the California Public Utilities Commission authority to remove caps on participation in the program altogether for the first time in California history, charting the way forward toward long-term solar industry sustainability. All in all it’s a big win for solar; however, the bill does leave a few big unanswered questions that will need to be addressed by the Commission.

SB 43 (Wolk) will enable thousands of Californians, including renters and those with shaded roofs, to go solar for the first time. SB 43 establishes a new 600 megawatt statewide program that will allow the customers of investor-owned utilities to purchase up to 100 percent of their electricity from an off-site renewable energy system. Program participants then receive a credit on their utility bill for the clean energy produced.

AB 217 (Bradford) expands the state’s successful low-income solar programs, which have proven hugely successful in delivering utility bill savings and solar job opportunities to the disadvantaged communities that need them most. The first of their kind in the nation, the programs began in 2009 through the California Solar Initiative, and have been so popular that the incentives were nearly gone. AB 217 extends the two programs through 2021.

AB 792 (Mullin) clarifies that all solar customers are exempt from local utility user’s tax on the clean electricity they generate – regardless of the financing model used. In doing so, it creates tax certainty for all Californians who go solar, including those using a third-party financing model, which accounted for more than 70 percent of the state’s residential solar market in 2012.

Together, these four bills give more Californians more ways to participate in our growing solar economy. Governor Brown has proven himself to be a clean energy champion, and we’re hopeful he’ll sign every one of these bills in the next month. Let’s not leave it up to chance, though— take action to send Gov Brown a letter urging him to make all four bills law as soon as possible.

Home Solar Reviews and Testimonials for American Solar Direct

American Solar direct has some great home solar reviews and customer testimonials that have just been updated on their website. We have some very happy home solar customers up here in San Jose. If you’re interested follow link and read them. We know understanding other customers and their positions on home solar will help you understand the process too. If you have any question please call (408) 758-8990 to reach Solar Joey and team. If you feel like you’re ready and want to take the next step get started with our online solar consultation.

“ASD’s very knowledgeable staff custom tailored the system to my needs and usage.” – V.F., San Jose, CA –

Home Solar Reviews and Testimonials for American Solar Direct


How much solar was installed in Q2 of 2013?

There were 832 MW of solar PV installed in the 2nd quarter of 2013, which means there is now 9.4 GW of solar energy in the U.S. That’s a 15% increase over Q1 2013 (and it was solar’s 2nd best quarter ever); keeping #solar on pace to have a record-shattering year!

See our full infographic here:

How much solar was installed in Q2 of 2013


More Solar Installations in California are Now Leased, not Purchased

New Study Shows Cost to Federal Taxpayers for Leased Systems has Declined, Indicates Ways to Further Lower Taxpayer and Consumer Costs

SAN FRANCISCO – A new study by Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) finds that most homeowners in California are no longer purchasing the solar panels on their rooftops, they are leasing them; over 75% of California’s new residential solar systems in 2012 were leased as compared to less than 10% in 2007. The study, titled “Improving Solar Policy: Lessons from the Solar Leasing Boom in California,” indicates that while incentives for leased systems initially cost federal taxpayers more than incentives for purchased systems, the cost gap has disappeared over the last two years.



Bay Area Solar installs for the past 12 months

These are Bay Area Solar installs that I have been up to over the past 12 months with American Solar Direct in the Bay Area. Residential PV installs. #GoSolar

Bay Area Solar installs for the past 12 months

If you would like to see yourself with home solar power in the bay area
Contact Solar Joey 24/7 about getting setup and a great deal on solar lease financing.

PGE rate Hikes

Do you have any questions about residential solar?
Contact Solar Joey 24/7 about getting setup and solar lease financing.
Feel free to get started today with a solar energy quote.

For those who are “paying” attention to the small inserts in their Pacific Gas and Electric bill, the rate for residential electricity has gone up again.

PGE rate Hikes

No surprise as this has been happening for the past 30 years. Based on my calculations I have seen the price of electricity go up on average 6% per year. Some years it has gone down, some years it has spiked, but on average 6% has been seen.

The brunt of the rate increases happen in tier 3,4,5 to penalize the heavy electricity users and in theory promote conservation.  Now there hasnt always been a tier structure. Before the Partial deregulation there was only a baseline and above baseline. Take a chance to educate yourself on that fyasco

The Smartest Guys in the Room

Here is a quick breakdown of what has happen over the past decade

tier charts

As you can see tier 1,2 have stayed relatively flat, but tier 3,4,5 have gone up significantly, perhaps even higher than 6% per year, yikes!

As of May 1st, PG&E strikes again, the rates have gone up for electricity for residential users. It seems very marginal because it is only $.01 in tiers 4,5 per kWh, but that adds up. Please follow along:

Lets assume that the State of California’s given load 30,000 mWh on average, thus in one day California consumes 720,000 mW (assumed to be all residential). PGE is the largest (IOU) utility in California. PGE requires roughly 40% of the power demand.

PGE increased the rate of residential power by roughly $.01 in tier 4,5.

Old Rates PGE

These are the old rates from Jan 1st-April 30th 2013

New PGE rates 5-13

These are the new rates as of May 1st 2013

The weighted increase across all tiers would be $.00328 which would equate to $944,640 daily or $344,743,600 annually, wahoo for shareholders of PGE!

This has been happening for decades, however the rate payers of PGE now have a solution to their  increasing electric bills.

American Solar Direct offers a fixed cost power solution. ASD has a program called “solar made Simple” whereas they give homeowners the ability to generate their own power at a fixed cost off their roof at a price that is generally less then what PG&E is selling it to them now and it doesn’t cost them anything they are not already spending with PG&E today. You simply redirect a portion of the money you are already spending with PG&E into a fixed rate monthly solar investment which allows you to potentially save money out of the gate. It is an unprecended oppertunity to get out from underneath the Investor Owned Utility and the never ending rate hikes.

If you are interested in finding out how much your roof is worth , please feel free to contact me Direct at the link below. I will contact you within 24 hours and set up a time to go over the economics that apply to your roof top. You may qualify for a free solar electric system for your home

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