REC Solar Modules Ranked As Top Performer in the PV Market place

Our panels are once again ranked at the top for Photovoltaic Panels! These are the panels that we will install in your application.

REC solar modules generated more electricity than 30 other leading modules, producing 6 percent more power on average. REC was ranked best in test for five out of twelve months.

“The Photon test results clearly demonstrate the industry leading performance of REC solar modules,” said John Andersen, Jr., Executive Vice President and Group COO, REC.REC is uniquely positioned in the solar industry ensuring consistently high quality with full integration of the entire solar value chain from polysilicon to cells, wafers, modules and systems.

The Photon Field Performance Test measures how many kilowatt hours of electricity a module generates during one year in real life conditions in the field.Three modules from each supplier are tested in an outside location in Germany.

The Photon test is currently the most recognized field performance test comparing international solar module brands over several years. Using scientific methodology, the test helps consumers select the best module supplier based on product performance in the field.

The test results underpin the bank ability of REC modules as additional output allows the consumer to more quickly see a return on their investment.

REC plans to produce 750 MW of solar modulesin 2011, an increase of 50% compared to 2010.

Solar installation photos with American Solar Direct. If you want these photos in hi-res please contact, we'd gladly to send you a zip file.



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