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Southern California Edison Rate Hikes SCE chart

The Price of Electricity is going up in Southern California.

I have the pleasure of visiting with all kinds of great people when I am consulting them on the benefits of going solar. I love when I meet a family and they have their Southern California Edison bills going back decades. I am a geek when it comes to raw data. This time it was one of my fellow solar consultants who just happen to have his bills for the last decade.

Some people I visit with do not think the price of electricity is going to go up, they think all the info I give them is subjective. However, you can not argue with objective data. The below represents the price per kilowatt provided by Southern California Edison over the last decade for a home in the heart of Orange County California. SCE has been billing in a tier structure for the last few years. Tiers1-5. Tier 5 is the most expensive electricity available in most of North America and is were the rate increases are the most sever. The sample home did not buy any tier 5 power from SCE over the past decade averaging 975kW per month. Imagine how higher the escalation would have been if they did

Southern California Edison

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I have included the data set for all you non-believers

data set link

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Southern California Edison territory map for solar rebates

Southern California Edison territory map for solar rebates

The below map represents the area which qualifies for solar rebates via the California Solar Incentive rebate program for residential applications. Edison has the highest rebate of all the IOU (investor owned utilities) in Southern California.

SCE territory map solar rebates

SCE territory map solar rebates


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