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Solar Cost Fixed Rate Lease option

Solar Cost with a Fixed rate lease actually goes down over time due to inflation.

American Solar Direct has the financial structure and stability to offer a fixed rate solar lease. Thus, having a fixed rate solar lease program for your energy needs at your house will not only lock in the price you are paying for electricity, but allow you to hedge against inflation as well. There are not many solar companies out there that can offer a program like this.

The chart below represents the Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the past decade. As you can see an item that cost 180$ ten years ago now cost over $220. S0 if you can imagine a solar lease payment of 150$ that stayed fixed over the next 20 years at 150$ your lease price would actually be going down as inflation played its course.

Lock in your energy cost today!

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Index


Please contact Solar Joey to find out how the fixed rate solar lease can help you save money on your monthly energy bill while allowing you to get a solar energy system onto your home with little to no out of pocket money.