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PG&E Electricty Rate Hikes

PG&E has no choice but to continue to raise the price of electricity in Northern California. As the demand for the commodity  continues to escalate so does the price…(economics 101). I have illustrated this below. This data set was taken from one of my current customers in San Jose, CA representing the average price per kW from 2004 to 2011. I have added an additional line to illustrate the trend. I am not saying PGE is not doing great business, they are indeed one of the most progressive utilities in North American, however innovation cost money

This homeowner is and average user of electricity. About 1000kWh per month. The reason the trajectory is up, is most of their power comes in the high penalty tiers where the price per kW is twice as much as the baseline allocation.

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Southern California Edison Rate Hikes SCE chart

The Price of Electricity is going up in Southern California.

I have the pleasure of visiting with all kinds of great people when I am consulting them on the benefits of going solar. I love when I meet a family and they have their Southern California Edison bills going back decades. I am a geek when it comes to raw data. This time it was one of my fellow solar consultants who just happen to have his bills for the last decade.

Some people I visit with do not think the price of electricity is going to go up, they think all the info I give them is subjective. However, you can not argue with objective data. The below represents the price per kilowatt provided by Southern California Edison over the last decade for a home in the heart of Orange County California. SCE has been billing in a tier structure for the last few years. Tiers1-5. Tier 5 is the most expensive electricity available in most of North America and is were the rate increases are the most sever. The sample home did not buy any tier 5 power from SCE over the past decade averaging 975kW per month. Imagine how higher the escalation would have been if they did

Southern California Edison

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I have included the data set for all you non-believers

data set link

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Southern California Edison seeking 40% rate increse from 2012-2014

If you thought Electricity was expensive here in California now, wait until next year. Edison has gone to the CPUC to get a 40% rate increase over the next 3 years. The rate increase is based on capital expenditures from the Smart Meter program and the new legislation requiring Edison to increase their renewable portfolio to 33% by 2020, to name a few…

The below info was pulled from the Ratepayer advocates website, this is the institution that is keeping Edison in check and not allowing them to walk all over the ratepayers of the territory.


The Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA), an independent consumer advocacy division of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), on Wednesday released a report calling for a $3.7 billion reduction to Southern California Edison’s requested revenue  increases taking effect in 2012.

As a part of its general rate case, Edison has requested a revenue increase of $4.6 billion from 2012 to 2014. DRA analysis has determined Edison’s cost claims to be overstated by some 80 percent and urges the CPUC to approve a revenue increase of only $833 million. Edison’s request constitutes a 40 percent increase over current levels while DRA’s report recommends an 8 percent increase. DRA will present its analysis during evidentiary hearings before the CPUC in July.

“Our report finds bloated cost estimates in Edison’s request,” said DRA acting director Joe Como. “DRA’s recommendations represent a fair increase based on reasonable cost estimates.  Edison should be looking to trim its expenditures and be more sensitive to its customers’ financial needs.”

Edison asserts that additional revenue is needed to cover higher costs associated with, among other things: operating and maintaining its systems; serving its customers; capital investments; health benefits; employee salaries; and pension contributions.  DRA’s own independent forecasts of these costs over the next three years are, cumulatively, $3.7 billion lower than what Edison estimates.

California Electricity Rates

What does this mean for a rate payer in Edison territory. Well, your 300$ bill could go up to 420$ over 3 years or on the low end up to $321. Most likely it will fall in between. Either way your bill is going to go up for electricty here in southern California.

Below is the timeline to how this will play out. There is a public hearing scheduled for July and as more info becomes available I will keep you posted


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