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Governor Jerry Brown signs Bill increasing Californias renewable energy portfolio to 33%

The newly appointed Governor of California signed legislation (Senate Bill SB X1-2) on April 12th stated California investor owned utilities are required to increase their renewable energy portfolio to 33% by 2020. Brown stated that “this is bringing important benefits to the state of California, stimulating investment in green technologies in the state, creating tens of thousands of jobs, improving the air quality locally, promoting energy independence, and reducing the green house gas emissions in the state.”

What does this mean for you?

As a home owner in the state of California you are now entering an unprecedented time when it comes to energy. You now have the choice to empower your home with renewable and take advantage of the incentives offered by the Investor Owned Utilities or allow the utilities to invest their own capital into large scale utility sized renewable projects like the one below

Southern California Edison Launches Nation’s Largest Solar Panel Installation

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Two things can happen:

You can take advantage of the subsidies from the Utility to mitigate the cost of the installation on your home. These subsidies are drying up quickly, as more home owners pull from the rebate pool the rebates are ratcheting down. Check out the California Solar Incentive trigger tracker below

This info changes weekly

Option two is to let the IOU’s invest their own money into the large scale Utility projects and pass the capital investment onto the customers throughout the respective territory in the form of rate hikes.

You have the choice, empower yourself and do the right thing!!


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