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PG&E Announces New Green Energy Program To Give Electric Customers More Renewable Options

“Green Option” Reflects PG&E’s Commitment to Clean Energy and Customer Choice

PG& E (Public, NYSE:PCG) happens to be one of the most innovative utilities in North America. They are giving their customers the option to buy clean energy over traditional fossil fuel driven generation. However,  innovation cost money and since they are an IOU (investor owned utility), well the cost gets passed onto the end consumer.

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The cost to use the “clean” energy from PG&E comes at a premium, more than traditional generation. Similar to other utilities in the United States. For example, OG&E out of Oklahoma.  (Public, NYSE:OGE) OG&E has a similar program were you can opt to purchase “wind” energy.  You are not actually getting power directly from the wind turbine, but rather out of OG&E ‘s renewable portfolio of generation.

Good news, there is a solution! A residential solar lease will allow you to generate your own clean energy, at a fixed cost, which can be cheaper than what you are currently buying traditional generation from PG&E now!

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PG&E RPS Goals

Pacific Gas and Electric is taking great strides to increase their Renewable Portfolio standards. If you reference the graph below it becomes clear the direction they are heading to achieve these goals set fort by the legislators of California. They want to have solar energy represent over 1/3rd of their portfolio by 2020. It has been proven that it cost more to use solar power out of the desert then to burn coal and natural gas, thus the price per/kW is going to be increasing as PGE is not going to pay for this mandate out of their bottom line (NYSE:PGE)

solar electricty

solar electricty

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