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SCE Rate Changes and Rate Hikes

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SCE Rate Changes and Rate Hikes for October 2012

Effective October 1, 2012, these Southern California Edison (SCE) rate factors increased:

  • The Transmission charge increased for all rates, except Power – Agricultural and Pumping, Connected Load Basis (PA-1).
  • The Distribution charge increased, based on tier structure, for Domestic CARE (D-CARE); Domestic Time-of-Use Electric Vehicle Charging (TOU-EV-1); the Time-of-Use Agricultural and Pumping Internal Combustion Engine (TOU-PA-ICE) Conversion Program, and all Renewable (R) rates, except Time-of-Use, General Service, Large (TOU-8) Option R.
  • The Generation charge increased for the PA-1 Off-Peak Credit Factor.
  • The Public Purpose Programs Charge (PPPC) will increase for all rates, except D-CARE, Area Lighting Street and Highway (LS-1, LS-2, and LS-3), Residential Walkway Lighting (DWL), and Outdoor Area Lighting Service (OL-1).
SCE Rate Changes and Rate Hikes

Effective October 1, 2012, these SCE rate factors decreased:

  • The Distribution charge for the Customer Charge ($/month) decreased for all R rates, except TOU-8 Option R.
  • Transmission charge decreased for Rate Schedule PA-1.
  • The Generation charge decreased for the TOU-PA-ICE Conversion Program.

Effective October 1, 2012, this SCE rate factor changed (increased or decreased, based on tiered rate structure):

  • The Conservation Incentive Adjustment (CIA) charge changed for Time-of-Use Domestic Tiered (TOU-D-T) and Time-of-Use Domestic Tiered Electric Vehicle Charging (TOU-D-TEV).

The actual impact of these rate factor changes on customers’ bills will vary based on energy usage.

This information is being pulled directly from SCE’s website.

Southern California Edison proposed electricty rate increases 2012

Southern California Edison is one of the largest investor owned utilities in Southern California. They are also one of the most progressive utilities in the nation. They continue to push the envelope with innovation and diversification of their electricity generation portfolio into renewable and more sustainable forms of purchased electricity  to supply to their customers. They are investing millions into the grid and are a leader in smart grid technologies. The down side of all this progression is it cost money, lots of money. Since the dynamics of this utility is a profit driven corporation they are continually having to pass the cost of the innovations onto the end consumer. While it benefits everyone in the end, the cost of powering your home or business with electricity here in California continues to rise.

I (Solar Joey) have the pleasure of meeting with all kinds of good people on a daily bases talking to them about their electricity use and the benefits of Going Solar. When I discuss the electricity market conditions and what is happening to the price of this commodity I tend to get push back and a believe it when I see it attitude.The push back is normal because the average consumer doesn’t allocate the time I do to following the rate increase application process thru the CPUC (California Public Utility Commission). The rate increases are also spread out over time so there is no Huge spike on the monthly bill, it is a gradual rise over the course of time. It is important that consumers understand what is happening and the solutions that are available to them by Going Solar. I am a proponent of using objective data to back up my discovery from reading thru the numerous applications and reports that are involved with the rate increase process. Below are some illustrations of what is happen:

So what does this mean for a typical Bill? Non-Care represents a Domestic rate class which is what a majority of  Southern California have

Notice that the average usage is set at 652 which is the minority of households within the territory, the higher the average usage the more exposed to the rate increases


The below was pulled from the CA.gov website which is a state ran website they are projecting much higher increases


If you “Google”, “Yahoo”, or “Bing” you will find more then you can read from all kinds of sources speaking the same tune, prices are going up +5%-15% that is uncertain, but the average consumer if approved can expect a 5-9$ monthly increase on their bill. Most importantly this is not just happen with Southern California Edison. It is happening with San Diego Gas and Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, and LA Department of Water and Power. Its simple economics demand goes up for a commodity so does the price. There is good news, I can help you lock in the cost of doing business at your. Contact Solar Joey if you are wanting to learn more about going solar.